Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall/ Winter Boo! Its Cuddle Season! YAK!

Now if you are my friend on Facebook you know that I used to post different guidelines from time to time just to help folks out a little bit with some street knowledge.  Well now I will post them on my website since Facebook is full of freaking spam for no good reason.  These are just a few guidelines to follow when searching for that fall/ winter boo because as we all know the fall/ winter time makes for those great "romantic" evenings.

#1 - Please understand that you are just the BOO which means this could and probably will be just a temporary thing.  Do yourself a favor and try not to get too attached.

#2 - Don't call them your boo if you have multiple.  Boo is singular not plural.  Last thing you want is to have boos and then have to try and manage them like a little league team.

#3 -  Your boo is NOT a cutty buddy or a booty call.  Those are different because you use them primarily for sexual favors and not just hanging out/ cuddling. 

#4 - They not your boo if you don't spend some quality time with them.  If you not spending time with them what is the point in calling them your boo in the first place?

#5 - (Ladies) Please do not NAG during Football games.  Football does not come on every single day like Baseball so please fall back and let us watch our games.  You do not see us asking y'all to do stuff while Lifetime or Oxygen is showing a movie do you?

#6 - (Fellas) Do NOT take her out on crazy shopping sprees... Keep in mind she is not your actual woman.  She might not even be around come "Judgement Day" which I will address later.

#7 - It's getting COLD out so that means you & the boo will be cuddling... make sure you have some movies or something y'all can watch.  Ladies if you really want to take it up a notch learn how to play Madden or even Call of Duty.  Being able to play those two games on either XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 will greatly improve your chances if getting some extra time in with the boo.  Fellas if you have a fireplace use the darn thing.  Go ahead and get it cleaned out first to make sure it don't smoke up the house when the boo is over.  They also make stuff you can sit in the fireplace to make your place smell good.   I won't give that hint away because I like to do that myself.

#8 - DO NOT call them your boo if you meet them that night or even that week.  Boo refers to someone you're with on a regular basis.  So for all you party goers, just because you meet someone there and then hit up a place to eat after then head back to the crib together does not make them your boo.  Don't get it twisted and start catching feelings all quick.  

#9 - Please don't assume you getting a Christmas gift just because you're the boo. You better slide some hints in during November or even late October to see if y'all are on that level.  But more importantly DO NOT invite the boo to be around the family.  Meeting the family means something is actually serious or you plan on being with them for an extended period of time.

#10 - Feb. 14th is "Judgement Day". This is when either you will become the Spring/ Summer boo, the b/f or g/f, or back to being friends.  As we all know Ladies tend to take Valentine's Day more serious than males.  There is no need to go all out for the boo if you don't like them by this time.  It is too close to Spring which means it's time for that Spring Fling. 

#11 - DO NOT take the boo to family gatherings.  Doing so may lead to the assumption of more than it really is.  Why would you take someone you just been coolin it with to see your parents for Sunday dinner?  Now if the boo is someone your folks have met before that could be a little different.  

#12 - Just because you're the boo doesn't give you the right to spend every second of the day with me.  Yea we kicking it, coolin it, chilling, whatever you may call it but if I don't have my "ME" time or time with my own folks there becomes a problem.  Ladies make sure you have a "Girl's Night" and Fellas make sure you have a "Fellas Night."  But here is the thing... DO NOT GO TO THE SAME DAMN PLACE!!!!

#13 - You may be the boo but I'm not paying your bills, pay them ya damn self we not married. Last time I checked when I filed my taxes I checked SINGLEEEEEEE!

#14 - To be the Fall/ Winter Boo you need to be LOCAL!  It defeats the purpose for the boo to be more than an hour away.

#15 - You are just a boo, you better SIT THE F*CK DOWN with all that DRAMA, you can EASILY be DISMISSED & REPLACED!  This includes Twitter & Facebook drama.  You are only the boo why the hell are you stalking their page in the first place? Get the hell out of here with that mess.

#16 - You are just the boo, please don't think you have the right to question who someone else is.  Why should I have to tell you who someone is just because I go out with them?  Mind your business and know your role.  If you don't like it just leave.  Keep in mind you are the boo which means there are probably still others that I talk to.  You can't be a jealous boo smh.

#17 - It is OK to have sex with the boo.  After all y'all are spending plenty of time together so yes, there will be those moments when you just get a little horny.  Handle that need/ want with each other because if not that is when they just might call the cutty buddy or just hit up a booty call.  

#18 - Ladies you do not have to get all dressed up just to see the boo.  Sometimes a t-shirt and sweats while laying around the house is just fine.  I mean if you want to wear lingerie  then by all means do so but just know that could led to a lil adventure. 

#19 - There is no such thing as cheating on the boo.  If you see the boo out with someone else just say hey and keep it moving.  No need to sit there and cock block (applies to male & female).  Like I said earlier there is no need for jealousy. 

#20 - MAKE SURE THE BOO IS SOMEONE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GET TO KNOW BETTER!  The whole point of a boo is to get to know that person better.  Yes boo is a term that is informal but at the same time both of you should have a clear understanding of the limits of the title.  There are no real guidelines as to what a boo can and can not do.

Pyro's Last Thoughts:

I personally think having a Fall/ Winter Boo isn't a bad idea if you want to try and get to know someone.  I think one of the bigger issues is when both parties don't have that clear understanding upfront of what to expect and what not to expect from each other.  Ladies if the dude says he doesn't want to be in a relationship don't think that you can change him.  Fellas if she say she isn't looking for a man then stop trying to convince her she needs to be with you.  

To the SINGLE LADIES:  Just FYI I' single too lol.  Now accepting applications for a Fall/ Winter Boo!  So if you looking for someone that knows how to treat a lady and can make you laugh and smile on a daily basis hit me up sometime.  Twitter @TheRealDjPyro or on Facebook at Dj-Pyro.  I'm always open to getting to know new people and having a good time.  If you ever just want to go on a date and be able to have a good time I'm right here for you.  If you ever just hungry and want to eat holla at me, I like to cook every now and then.  If you like Football even better, we can watch the game together.  Just don't come talking about you like the Redskins, the Eagles, the Giants, or the Panthers.  Of course if you live in Charlotte, NC that would help seeing as how I live in and work in Charlotte.

Til the next post Stay Up & Be Blessed! YAK! 

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