Monday, May 14, 2012

Memorial Mayhem with MAZ Entertainment

Summer is almost officially here and MAZ plans to welcome her by pulling out every trick we can think of. We've rented one of Charlotte's largest and sturdiest venues in case THOUSANDS of crazed summer fans decide they want to participate in the MAYHEM! We've nicknamed this event "The Glow Party" because everywhere you look someone will be waving a glowstick, wearing glow shades, or sporting glow-in-the-dark body paint. We are setting the stage for everyone to come from behind the curtain and act like they've lost their natural minds! THREE DJs will ensure you hear EVERYTHING you need to hear to keep your feet from being still. There is only ONE way for you to really understand what's about to take place.... BE THERE!!!

Last but not least...

MAZ's very own Michael Paul is turning 30 but he plans to act like he's 3! Those of you who have even casually met him KNOW that Mike is the undisputed King of "Ignance" when it comes to partyin' and having a good time. MAZ needs you to help us go ALL OUT as we celebrate this milestone in our ninja's life..