Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pyro's Christmas List

Wellllll as you al know the holidays are upon us right?  So with that being said I figured I would list a few things I would be interested in getting.  These items are by no means a request BUT if you have it in your heart to give then aye why not?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Xbox 360

This game is just GREAT!  I have Black Ops and I loved it so now I want 2 so that I can take on the new campaign it has.  Granted I haven't really had time to play Xbox 360 much lately I will certainly make time to pay COD Black Ops 2.

Need for Speed Most Wanted for Xbox 360

I have always liked playing Need for Speed games b/c I have always had a love for fast cars.  Looking at the latest screen shots it looks like it is going to be a great game to add to the collection.

A Blender

So after living in my first house fornanfew months now I have realized I need a few things.  One of those being a black or stainless steel blender.  I have started doing the Insanity workout ( yes it works & yes it is HARD) and part of excersing is eating right so I need a blender to mix my protein shakes in.


Power Tools!!!

What man doesn't want a set of power tools?  I don't know of any!  I have some projects around the house I want to do but I need the proper tools to get them done.  So I have found this simple power tool set that should help me accomplish my goals.  Usually I'm all about getting the higher quality products when it comes to stuff like this but I don't plan on doing heavy projects so a entry level set will do just fine.



Yea I know it sounds crazy but aye, I'm a single man that has been blessed enough to accomplish many things in my 27 years of living.  From performing well in school at all grade levels, to graduating with honors, to having two degrees, to being an active member in my Church, to become a man of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., to being a fairly good DJ, to being STD & child free, to being what I wold like to consider being a gentleman, to owning my own home, I would say I'm a pretty decent guy.  Now the hard part is finding a woman that compliments me as much as I compliment her.  I'm not looking for a woman that completes me because last time I checked I was a whole person smh (yes I hate when people say that mess).  But oh well, I know there is a beautiful woman out there and she shall be mine one day!